Beirut Music Support Initiative

The economic downturn that started in late 2019 and was then compounded by a political crisis and COVID-19 lockdown requirements resulted in most music venues in Beirut and other urban centers in Lebanon being closed, resulting in most musicians and other artists losing their sources of income. The Beirut explosion further exacerbated the situation as many of the most popular music venues were in Mar Mikhael, Gemeyzeh, Ashrafiyeh…

Music of all types - traditional, classical, jazz, hip hop, are an important part of Lebanese culture and therefore play a critical role in people’s well-being. Not having access to live music has further compounded the depression and sense of hopelessness that has increased over the past months.

As a response, War Child in Lebanon and Onomatopoeia the Music Hub launched the "Beirut Music Support Initiative" in April. The initiative aims to:

  • Bring back the Live music performances to the city, and make it accessible to everyone.
  • Support more than 150 professional musicians and people working in the music industry for one year.
  • Support Music Venues all over Beirut.
  • Set up the Beirut Musicians Response Fund which aims at providing beneficiaries with cash grants. 

The project started since April with four livestreamed concerts in four different venues along with recorded music sessions due to COVID-19 lockdown. Starting May, more than 132 live performances were done till date benefitting around 7 venues and 202 musicians and sound engineers. We are looking forward to expand and reach out to more venues, musicians and technicians by securing more funds.

Therefore, our aim through this page is to raise more funds to extend the initiative timeline. 


Let's achieve change together through the gift of giving!


Link to the Music Support Initiative:

War Child Lebanon

Hussein Oweini Street, Mother and Child Welfare Center, 3rd floor

Lebanon-Beirut, Verdun